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Sustainable Bamboo Art Mobiles

Sustainable Unfinished Bamboo
Beautiful high quality hanging art. Each piece is handmade with uncoated lightly sanded bamboo shapes and rust-free stainless steel. Includes easy hanging instructions, necessary hardware, and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Bamboo is a fast-growing renewable wood (actually bamboo is a grass) that is considered extremely sustainable.

Why bamboo?
Bamboo is strong, lightweight, and beautiful, so naturally it makes the perfect material for hanging mobiles.

The newest line of Atomic Mobiles... made from natural bamboo!! I can make any of my 12 Styles in this luxurious material.

Sustainable Art Mobiles

Sustainable Art Mobiles

2016 Sustainable Bamboo Collection

MCM Bamboo
S - $149 - 17"w x 18"h Buy Now
M - $199 - 24"w x 26"h Buy Now
L - $249 - 34"w x 35"h Buy Now
Exuberant Bamboo
S - $99 - 12"w x 16"h Buy Now
M - $149 - 16"w x 22"h Buy Now
L - $199 - 20"w x 28"h Buy Now
MidCentury Bamboo
S - $99 - 16"w x 9"h Buy Now
M - $149 - 26"w x 13"h Buy Now
L - $199 - 37"w x 19"h Buy Now
Retro Bamboo
S - $99 - 18"w x 16"h Buy Now
M - $149 - 24"w x 22"h Buy Now
L - $199 - 36"w x 33"h Buy Now
On the Edge Bamboo
S - $99 - 17"w x 9"h Buy Now
M - $149 - 21"w x 11"h Buy Now
L - $199 - 30"w x 16"h Buy Now
ModCast Bamboo
S - $149 - 22"w x 12"h Buy Now
M - $199 - 34"w x 20"h Buy Now
L - $399 - 38"w x 22"h Buy Now
CoolCat Bamboo
S - $149 - 15"w x 21"h Buy Now
M - $199 - 20"w x 28"h Buy Now
L - $299 - 30"w x 42"h Buy Now
Atomica Bamboo
S - $99 - 16"w x 10"h Buy Now
M - $149 - 21"w x 13"h Buy Now
L - $199 - 30"w x 19"h Buy Now
jetset Bamboo
S - $99 - 10"w x 13"h Buy Now
M - $149 - 14"w x 19"h Buy Now
L - $199 - 24"w x 30"h Buy Now
Modern Age Bamboo
S - $149 - 14"w x 21"h Buy Now
M - $199 - 18"w x 27"h Buy Now
L - $299 - 24"w x 36"h Buy Now
The Moderne Stabile Bamboo
S - $199 - 16"w x 17"h Buy Now
Bamboo shapes, stainless steel wire, and steel base.
The Strobile Stabile Bamboo
S - $199 - 14"w x 12"h Buy Now
M - $299 - 20"w x 17"h Buy Now
Bamboo shapes, stainless steel wire, and heavy resin base.

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2016 Atomic Mobiles Collection

MCM Art Mobiles
CoolCat Mid Century Decor
Midcentury Style Art Mobile
Modcast - Hanging Art Mobile
 Retro Modern Art Mobile
JetSet Colorful Hanging Mobile
Atomica Kinetic Mobiles
Exuberant Room Mobiles
On the Edge Colorful Mobiles
On the Edge
Modern Age Modernism Art Mobile
Modern Age
The Moderne Art Stabile
The Moderne
The Strobile Art Stabile
The Strobile

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