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Stabiles - Tabletop Art Sculptures

What Are Stabiles?

I am creating a new line of original stabiles which are free-standing art mobiles that you don't hang from the ceiling - they sit on your countertop, coffee table (would look awesome on a Noguchi), desk, or any table top!

Alexander Calder invented the stabile in 1931. The name came about to describe these standing sculptures by friend and dadaist artist Jean (Hans) Arp to differentiate between the hanging art mobiles and his tabletop kinetic art.

My tabletop kinetic art sculptures are whimsical, fun, colorful, and fit in almost any space with no need to hang them.

Mod Sunrise
decorative mobiles

I'm available at all times to answer all your questions. Contact me anytime.

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Order securely online or call 323.640.0003 10am-4pm pacific time (or text me anytime here too)
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