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One Of A Kind Art Mobiles

is making art mobiles like this!
I can turn any XSmall, Small, or Medium sized mobile
into a one of a kind swirly masterpiece!

No one else creates custom art mobiles quite like this. I blend colors of your choice (or let me choose) to make a hanging art mobile that is unique and like no other in the world. Truly different and way cool. For those interested in midcentury modern with a creative twist.

1960s Inkblot Rorschach
While perhaps not as "traditionally" midcentury, these blends are reminiscent of the early "inkblot tests" or Rorschach tests of the 1960s, which was certainly a midcentury time period. Pretend you are back in the 1960s and see what pictures, faces, animals, designs, you can spot in these creative blends!

Mandelbrot Fractals
I also love the geometic shapes of fractals, coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in the 1970s. The colorful swirls are engaging and hypnotic, truly fascinating! My "swirly" pieces are an homage to the amazing and dynamic colors and shapes of fractals.

One of a Kind Art Mobiles Swirly

One Piece, Or Many, Or All
I can do one piece of the mobile in "swirly", or several pieces of the mobile, or all of the mobile! The limit is one's imagination!

Optional Glow In The Dark
For a really cool unique look, I can add a touch of glow in the dark to the swirl, so the piece has a "swirly glow", like this one. Note the lighter areas, that is glow in the dark that has been mixed in:

One of a kind art mobile with glow in the dark

Swirly In Any Of My Eleven Styles
I originally only offered the "swirly" only in one piece of the On the Edge mobile. But the more I thought about it, the more interesting it seemed to created complete mobiles in the swirly fashion, in any of the 11 styles I offer, not just one specific style. You can see some of my already made creations on my Readymades section.

I can turn any XSmall, Small, or Medium sized mobile
into a one of a kind swirly masterpiece!

Think of the colors you like.
Think of a swirl of them.
The possibilities are truly endless.

Another example of one of my one of a kind art mobile pieces featuring the "swirly":
One of a kind retro art mobile piece

Or this example of white, black and pearl cream blend:
One of a kind exuberant art mobile piece

Early examples of my blended work:
Early one of a kind art mobiles pieces

How To Order
To order some "swirly" in your one of a kind art mobile (sizes XSmall, Small, and Medium only), simply let me know which piece(s) you would like to be blended, and what colors (or I can help you choose), when you place your order online or by telephone. Email me or call me with your choices or type them in the COMMENTS field at checkout. It's simple and fun and you will own a custom one-of-a-kind art mobile that is unlike any other in the world. No two pieces are ever alike!

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I'm available at all times to answer all your questions. Contact me anytime.

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