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space age modernism art

Modernism Art Mobiles

Modernism Art Mobiles

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AModernism Art Mobiles a

B Modernism Art Mobiles b

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Available sizes:
Small - 14"w x 21"h - $149
Medium - 18"w x 27"h - $199
Large - 24"w x 36"h - $249
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long and narrow version:
(see pics below)
4 FEET - 19"w x 48"h - $349
5 FEET - 23"w x 60"h - $449
6 FEET - 28"w x 72"h - $549

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C Modernism Art Mobiles c
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H Modernism Art Mobiles h

Long and Narrow Version Color Choices:

ASpace Age Modernism Long A BSpace Age Modernism Long B CSpace Age Modernism Long C DSpace Age Modernism Long D ESpace Age Modernism Long E FSpace Age Modernism Long F GSpace Age Modernism Long G HSpace Age Modernism Long H

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Space Age is mod, colorful, and move in the slightest breeze. Available in two versions. The "long and narrow" version is available in extra large sizes for your narrow space and has extra parts from its smaller counterpart.

Unique and colorful, this art mobile takes inspiration from Alexander Calder and runs with it, creating a new and unique kinetic art sculpture for the mid century decor in your home, office, or baby nursery (always keep out of reach of babies and children - this is not a toy).

Space Age Features:

  • high quality stainless steel wire
  • matte finish acrylic color shapes
  • includes everything you need to hang your Atomic Mobile (nylon line, hooks, and easy instructions)
  • no assembly required
  • handmade in Los Angeles by Debra Ann when you order - about Deb
  • includes signed Certificate of Authenticity for provenance
  • FREE USPS Priority shipping within the USA
  • ships worldwide

Your custom art mobile arrives at your door ready to hang and enjoy!

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24/7 secure order online or call Call Me 323.640.0003 (text too)
Mon-Fri 10am-4pm California Pacific Time

Atomic Mobiles accepts all major credit cards and PayPal

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