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Each mobile is CUSTOM HANDMADE in the USA by me - Debra Ann, the artist - when you order!

Massive Art Mobiles - huge carbon fiber art mobiles

MASSIVE art mobiles are available in each of my 11 mobile styles. Click each one for more information and to order:

Moderne Art Stabile

CoolCat Art Mobiles Midcentury Hanging Art Mobile

Modcast - Hanging Art Mobile

MCM Art Mobiles  Retro Modern Art Mobile

Red Colorful Hanging Mobile

Blue Kinetic Mobiles

Green Room Mobiles

Palm Springs Colorful Mobiles

Cool Modernism Art Mobile
Massive Art Mobiles


Massive Art Mobiles
Massive Art Mobiles by AtomicMobiles are the ultimate in lightweight durable XL to XXL mobiles! Because these extra large mobiles are lightweight, they move in the slightest breeze and are super strong and durable for years of enjoyment, indoors or outdoors.

Available in a wide array of sizes from 4 feet up to 20 feet (of course my smaller mobiles are still available too!). Do you have a tall ceiling? Fill it with a beautiful extra large art mobile, hand made just for you, for your space! Larger and custom sizes are available, simply contact me and let me know what you want.

My MASSIVE art mobiles are available in all the beautiful colors you've come to expect from AtomicMobiles (including glow in the dark and pearl/metallic colors!).
Custom Red Mobiles Custom Black Mobiles Custom Yellow Mobiles Custom White Mobiles Custom Blue Mobiles Custom Red Mobiles Custom brown Mobiles Custom dark green Mobiles Custom Dark tan Mobiles Custom Red MobilesCustom green Mobiles Custom hot pink Mobiles Custom Red Mobiles Custom Lime Mobiles Custom Orange Mobiles Custom Pink Mobiles Custom Red Mobiles Custom turquoise Mobiles Custom Red Mobiles Custom Pearl Blue Mobiles Custom Pearl Cream Mobiles Custom Peark Dark blue Mobiles Custom Pearl Gold Mobiles Custom Pearl Green Mobiles Custom Pearl Red Mobiles Custom Pearl Silver Mobiles Custom Glow In The Dark Mobiles

Turnaround Time
Because the process to create a custom MASSIVE art mobile is very time-consuming and painstaking, please allow a little extra time - approx. 2 - 4 weeks for completion.


  • How thick are the color pieces on the Massive mobiles?
    Depending on the size of the mobile, the thickness is either the same as my smaller mobiles which is 1/8", or scaled up to 1/4" for the larger "Massive" mobiles.

  • What do you make your Massive Mobiles out of?
    The smaller mobiles are made from polymer plastic. Polymer is only suitable for smaller indoor mobiles. The larger mobiles are made from a strong lightweight urethane plastic, or other special materials if the project requires them. Example: what works for a 3 foot mobile doesn't always work for a 12 foot mobile. All my larger mobiles and stabile are available in a wide variety of colors, just like my smaller mobiles.

  • Are they painted?
    No, the rich color is embedded in the piece. Normally I do not use any paint in my mobiles, however there are occasional exceptions to this which will be discussed with you prior to beginning the art work. Paint is used on the base of my Moderne stabile.

  • How much does it weight?
    Not much considering the size! The weight varies from a mere 1 pound and up, depending on the size of the mobile.

  • What are the "arms" made of?
    The "arms" are made of the same high quality stainless steel wire as my smaller mobiles, or sometimes the project might require lighter weight aluminum. I will discuss materials used with you prior to making your art piece.

  • How do I hang my MASSIVE mobile?
    Full instruction are included with every mobile, including the necessary hooks and nylon line.

  • Can I hang it outside?
    Yes, these mobiles are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. However, if you are having severe weather such as a blizzard or a hurricane you might want to bring it in.

  • Can I get "swirly" in the MASSIVE art mobiles?
    I am working on a process that will create a "swirly" design in the larger mobiles. Contact me for up-to-date info on my progress with this.

  • Do you offer custom sizes?
    Yes, absolutely! Tell me what size you need and I'll make it for you!

  • What if I need a color I don't see here?
    Contact me with your color requirements and I'll make every attempt to match them as accurately as possible.

  • How soon will I get my MASSIVE Art Mobile?
    Because of the size and process to make these mobiles, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for completion and another week for delivery.

  • Do I need to assemble it?
    The larger sizes are shipped partially unassembled, with easy instructions for assembly.

  • What carrier do you use to ship a MASSIVE mobile?
    Depends on the size, either USPS or UPS.

  • How do I order a MASSIVE mobile?
    Click any style above and click the SIZE PULLDOWN to choose your size, then click ADD TO CART. Or you can call me at 323-640-0003 to place your order by phone.

  • I still have questions, what do I do?
    Contact me by email, telephone, or text and I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

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