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Materials Used
All smaller mobile color pieces are made from matte finish polymer plastic, approx. 1/8" thick and the wire is high quality stainless steel. My larger "massive" mobiles are made from carbon fiber color pieces, colored with epoxy resin, and stainless steel (aluminum on the massively huge mobiles).

Commission me to do a one-of-a-kind mobile for you!
I can create just about any color combination, your imagination and the sky are the limits.

Atomic Mobiles Logo

A Word About Color Choice
A lot of my clients attempt to match colors in their room, whether it be a pillow, wall color, bedding, furniture, or other items, and often the result is 4, 5, 6, 7 or more different colors. This isn't always the best method, in fact sometimes, quite frankly, it can create an ugly mess.

In most cases (there are exceptions) I suggest choosing only 3 to 4 colors that compliment the other colors in the room, whether it be actual colors of items in the room, or quite possibly choosing totally different (but complimentary) colors. For example, it really does not make sense to hang a predominantly blue mobile in front of a blue wall - unless, I suppose, you are REALLY into blue :-).

When in doubt, please feel free to email me a picture of the room the mobile will hang. I will help you design the perfect custom art mobile for your space with just the right colors. No extra charge!

Free Phone or Email Consultation
Not sure? Email me a picture of the room you want a mobile for, and include any pertinent details and preferences, and I will create a Photoshop mockup. Or call (or text) me at 323.640.0003 and we can discuss.

The color shapes of the larger mobiles I create are made from carbon fiber, which is ultra strong and very lightweight to allow for great movement. The colors I have available for my carbon mobiles are the same as polymer except I can't do "swirly" pieces or Granite. These large mobiles are colored with very durable epoxy resin. More info on the MASSIVE MOBILES HERE.

view from sides of hanging mobile Color Swatches:
(click the examples below to see enlarged view - actual swatches are 1.5 inch diameter "color circle dots")

Classic Matte Colors:

white mobile swatch
An off white.
black mobile swatch
Black is black!
red mobile swatch
Nice bright classic modern red.
yellow mobile swatch
Bright yellow.
gray mobile swatch
Medium gray with a nice finish.
lime-green mobile swatch
Lime Green
Bright lime green, very chic!
orange mobile swatch
Brilliant orange.
turquoise mobile swatch
Medium blue turquoise.
brown mobile swatch
Medium brown.
dark brown mobile swatch
Dark Brown
Very dark brown.
pink mobile swatch
Pretty pink!
hotpink mobile swatch
Hot Pink
Think Barbie.
green mobile swatch
Modern primary green.
dark green mobile swatch
Dark Green
Dark evergreen.
olive green mobile swatch
Olive Green
Lovely olive green.
tan mobile swatch
Basic classic tan beige.
lilac mobile swatch
Light purple.
violet mobile swatch
Magenta inspired purple.
dark purple mobile swatch
Dark Purple
A rich royal purple.
light blue mobile swatch
Light Blue
Pretty baby blue.
medium blue mobile swatch
Primary basic blue.
navy blue mobile swatch
Navy Blue
Darker blue.
Metallic Colors:
No two pieces are exactly the same! Each has a beautiful embedded metallic pearl "swirly" design. No other custom art mobile artist offers these types of colors!

silver pearl mobile swatch
Pearl Silver
Swirly gray and black - pretty!
gold pearl mobile swatch
Pearl Gold
Beautiful gold swirly pearl.
pearl copper mobile swatch
Pearl Copper
Brownish gold - very pretty!
pearl brown mobile swatch
Pearl Brown
Lovely & Dramatic!
pearl blue mobile swatch
Pearl Blue
I love this color! Awesome.
blue pearl mobile swatch
Pearl Baby Blue
pearl pink mobile swatch
Pearl Pink
Beautiful magenta pink pearl!
pearl cream mobile swatch
Pearl Cream
Lovely swirly metallic cream!
pearl green mobile swatch
Pearl Green
Beautiful lime pearl green.
pearl purple mobile swatch
Pearl Purple
This has a luminescence that is awesome!
pearl peacock mobile swatch
Pearl Peacock
Aqua blue-green metallic!
Specialty Colors:
Truly unique to Atomic Mobiles - NO ONE has these colors!
(note: Granite and Swirly are not available for the larger MASSIVE MOBILES)

retro sparkly white glitter mobile swatch
Sparkly White
It looks white until you look at an angle then the SPARKLE comes out!
retro sparkly blue glitter mobile swatch
Sparkly Blue
Retro diner booth sparkly blue!
retro sparkly red glitter mobile swatch
Sparkly Red
Think red diner booth vinyl seats!
navy-glitter mobile swatch
Sparkly Navy
Dark navy (almost black) with blue specks. Think mid-century linoleum!
granite mobile swatch
(aka "Cookies 'n Cream")

Match a granite counter top, or imagine cookies n cream!
glow in the dark mobile swatch
Glow in the Dark
Place it in direct light during the day and watch it glow at night in a dark room!
custom swirly mobile swatch
I can create a custom "swirly" piece for you in any colors you choose at no extra charge! Any mobile can go "swirly" - one piece, a few, or all pieces!

AtomicMobiles.com EXCLUSIVE!
Any piece on any mobile can be a "swirly" of any colors you want! NO OTHER MOBILE ARTIST OFFERS THIS! No additional charge. I recommend 3 or 4 colors max for a swirl.
unique mobiles

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Is your project Color Critical?
Purchase sample color chips of the colors you are conisdering.
Each sample chip is a "circle color dot" that is approximately 1 1/2 inches in diameter
and is the same thickness as your mobile pieces will be (approx. 1/8")

Each sample chip is $3.00 and shipping is free.
Buy as many swatches as you wish by clicking the colors you want:

    White Black Red Yellow Gray Orange Lime Green Turquoise Pink Hot Pink
    Green Olive Green Dark Green Light Blue Blue Navy Blue Lilac Violet Dark Purple
    Tan Brown Dark Brown
    Pearl Silver Pearl Gold Pearl Copper Pearl Brown Pearl Blue Pearl Baby Blue
    Pearl Pink Pearl Cream Pearl Green Pearl Purple Pearl Peacock
    Sparkly Glitter White Sparkly Glitter Blue Sparkly Glitter Red Sparkly Glitter Navy
    Granite Glow In the Dark Custom Swirly ($5 each)


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Let's group into similar color groups!

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Alexander Calder Colors

red mobile swatch black mobile swatch yellow mobile swatch navy blue mobile swatch green mobile swatch

red | black | yellow | navy | green

gray line

Palm Springs Colors

orange mobile swatch lime green mobile swatch white mobile swatch black mobile swatch

orange | lime green | white | black

gray line


red mobile swatch hotpink mobile swatch pink mobile swatch pearl pink mobile swatch red glitter mobile swatch
red | hot pink | pink | pearl pink | sparkly red

gray line


turquoise mobile swatch light blue mobile swatch medium blue mobile swatch navy blue mobile swatch pearl blue mobile swatch blue pearl mobile swatch pearl peacock mobile swatch pearl peacock mobile swatch
turquoise | light blue | blue | navy | pearl blue | pearl baby blue | pearl peacock | sparkly navy

gray line


lime-green mobile swatch green mobile swatch dark green mobile swatch olive green mobile swatch pearl green mobile swatch
lime | green | dark green | olive | pearl green

gray line


lilac mobile swatch violet mobile swatch dark purple mobile swatch pearl purple mobile swatch
lilac | violet | dark purple | pearl purple

gray line


brown mobile swatch dark brown mobile swatch tan mobile swatch brown pearl mobile swatch pearl copper mobile swatch

gray line


white mobile swatch black mobile swatch gray mobile swatch silver pearl mobile swatch pearl cream mobile swatch retro sparkly white glitter mobile swatch
white | black | gray | pearl silver | pearl cream | sparkly white

gray line

Metallic Pearl Colors

silver pearl mobile swatch gold pearl mobile swatch pearl copper mobile swatch brown pearl mobile swatch
pearl silver | pearl gold | pearl copper | pearl brown

pearl blue mobile swatch baby blue pearl mobile swatch pearl peacock mobile swatch pearl green mobile swatch pearl pink mobile swatch pearl cream mobile swatch

pearl blue | pearl baby blue | pearl peacock | pearl green | pearl pink | pearl cream

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NOT SURE? Call or email me for a free color consultation.
I'm also happy to create a free example mockup image in Photoshop of the colors and mobile you are considering,
so you can get a better idea of the way your mobile will look. Simply contact me.

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Atomic Mobiles MidCentury Modern Merch
Show your love of everything MIDCENTURY MODERN with cool pillows, ipad / iphone / computer cases, mugs, dinner plates, t-shirts and more!
All designed by me, Debra Ann! (new window opens)

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Order securely online 24/7
or call/text 323.640.0003 · Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm Pacific Time

I accept all major credit cards, PayPal (get 6 months to pay!), Check/Money Order
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