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I love bringing the tiny details of life into focus. Zoom in and see something you never knew existed!

Debra Ann When I was 5 years old I had a dream that has stuck with me my entire life. I was standing in front of a brick wall, it was large, solid. All of the sudden my eyesight zoomed in quickly and suddenly on that brick wall like a zoom lens on a camera ... closer... closer... until I was viewing it microscopically. I saw all the details you would miss if you were standing 8 feet away. There it all was. So perfectly in focus. And that brick wall no longer seemed imposing or scary. I understood it. I was friends with it.

My art is about the minute details of life. Seeing them. Understanding them. Enjoying them. The enjoyment of these details tickles my subconscious mind, it is beautiful. I've always been driven to create and communicate. My art is purposely colorful, bright, and vivid, and often focused tightly on one subject, or one group of subjects. The spots on the bricks. The portions of emotion, thought, and happiness inside us all.

- Debra Ann

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