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Each mobile is CUSTOM HANDMADE in the USA by me - Debra Ann, the artist - when you order!

Alexander Calder Mobiles

Alexander Calder mobiles have become popular among modernists and those into modern design, art, and midcentury modern style. There is something extremely compelling in Calder's work, and in the look and style of his mobiles. I cannot take my eyes off the moving art, the arms that gracefully move at the slightest breeze. I am in awe of the peaceful nature of Alexander Calder mobiles, and the hangning mobiles of other artists today.

Calder was born in 1898 to artist parents. In the fall of 1931 he created his first kinetic mobile sculpture and the name "mobiles" was coined by friend Marcel Duchamp, a Dadaist and renowned French artist. My own history as an artist dictates a respect and fascination for the Dada art movement of the early 1900s, culminating in my mind at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich.

Hans Arp, another infamous Dadaist in Europe, named Alexander Calder's tabletop mobiles "stabiles". The dada roots in Calder's work is deep.

Today Calder's work is considered important and essential to modern thinking. His work is priceless and available for viewing in museums. If you want to display a hanging mobile in your home, you have the option of purchasing a mobile from contemporary artists doing work with this medium, such as myself. Today's mobile artists have taken what Calder started in the early to mid-century, and added unique creativity and ideas to the basic idea of a kinetic (moving) piece of mobile hanging art.

Adding a beautiful free-flowing hanging mobile in your home is not only a modern statement but an homage to the original artist who created this wonderful art form, Alexander Calder.

I am inspired by Alexander Calder's work, as well as the Dada artists of his time. I create hanging mobiles that draw basic inspiration from Alexander Calder mobiles but move away from his design in definite ways. The paddles (or petals) of my mobiles are not made from metal or plastic (as are some of today's mobiles) and use no paint, but are made from lightweight soft nylon fiber. Uniquely different and colorful!

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